Gracie vs Shamrock 2day...

Here's the lineup for tonights Gracie vs Shamrock event with my picks. What are yours?

Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie: FRANK by decision

Mike Altman vs Cung Le: LE by TKO

Gilbert Melendez vs David Padilla: MELENDEZ by TKO

Jorge Ortiz vs Eugene Jackson: EUGENE by TKO

Josh Thompson vs Clayton Guida: THOMPSON by KO

Kryzstof Soszynski vs Mike Kyle: KYLE by KO

Daniel Puder vs Jesse Fujarczyk: PUDER by submission

So thats the card that sold out the arena in California?

Im surprised. Other than one fight I dont really care about, the others are has beens, up and comers or no namers.

MMA is huge in CA and I'm sure a lot of those people know the fighters personally.





Cung Le

not really interested in the others

but id love to see the 5 i mentioned above

your all wrong....clay guida!

Da Crippler,

I train with Mike Altman. I will be on the road tonight (w/no comp access) and I don't want to call Mike right after the fight.

Could you call me and tell me the results?

E-mail me at and I will give you my number.