Grand Row Gym???

To be fair, Danny won the first match by ankle lock. I won the second match by armbar. The third is a soon-to-be ruled no contest.

I would have been there but my Wife was sad that this will be the first May 24 that she will not be able to sit around the campfire with friends when we go camping.

Well, I just couldn't let her be unhappy so I went and bought a fire barrel, dug a 4 foot deep hole, leveled it off with brick and landscaped a burm. So now she has her campfire ready for the weekend.

Otherwise I would have been there for the showdown, the canario and danny throwdown!

In a related story I won my match against the ground by 4 foot deep submission.

All this time I was blaming my dogs for the holes in the backyard, when it was really Dougie practicing the perfect firepit.

***Shaking Fist*** Damn You Dougie!!!!!!!

Dougie - You missed a classic. DanTheMan vs. Canario Falante.

Dan - all 87lbs. of him, put on an ankle lock clinic.

First, he entered the ring wearing his spandex body outfit/diving wet suit. Or it may have been Esfiha's speedo. I don't know. Next, the introductions and a lengthy rules discussion. And then, the classic stare-down. Now the match everyone was waiting for. They circled for a bit and then Canario shot in the the double leg. Dan had to absorbe several body shots before pulling a move that had Canario tapping out so fast he had to cool down his hand in ice before the next round. All this in less than a minute.

The next match was longer. There was plenty of action to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. Even that homeless drunk looking in the window was impressed. But then, Canario sunk in his infamous pee-pee shot undetected by the ref. While Dan was trying to recover from that devestating blow, Canario snuck in an arm-bar for the win. Any other man would have fainted on the spot, but Dan is no ordinary warrior.

This set up the rubber match for the belt. This one had lots of ebs and flows, but Dan proved again who was the superior fighter and won on an well deserved split decision. I don't know what those two other judges thought, but from my perspective, Dan was the clear winner. He proudly displayed the belt to his adoring fans.

Watch for the rematch PPV coming soon.

I hope you got video dsc!

Canario, it's a well known fact that I like to dig holes. I am not sure why but man, I just love to dig.

By the way, Canario. I hereby entrust you with the sacred duty of creating a Grand Row webpage until they get something up and running.

Yes. Everything is on video. I should have added that in the third match, Canario resorted to several underhanded moves. It was all Esfiha could do to control the match. He had to stop the match several times to warn Canario about illegal and dangerous holds and yellow carded him twice. Canario was clearly outmatched and was desperate. That was the opinion of this unbiased observer.

He stated that the third match should be overturned. I feel that Canario should be banned for life for what he was doing. I was so upset that I wanted to jump in the ring myself. I can't wait until I'm ready to return to action. My first match will be Canario. If Dan leaves anything for me after the rematch that is.

Careful. The bird dance may look funny but a kung fu monk assures me that it has deadly applications "For the street."

Canario is a killer.

I will be ready. If Shamrock can do it after 6 months, I will too.

That little boy will be mine.

Not that way you pervs!

Just for all who might be interested. Until Grand Row gets a webpage I set up this temp one for them.

dsc will feel the wrath of Canario. Just wait until you see the video Dougie. It will be clear who really won the match.

I will try and put the video up on the website for us all to see.

Could you have found a funnier picture of Esfiha???


Actually...yes. I will tell him you said that too. Heh heh heh... Esfiha likes you.