Grapplemania results??????????


Here you go bro, got this from nhbgear:

Diego Saraiva beat Danny Ives,

Sean Wilson beat Dennis Hayes,

Mike Fowler beat someone,

Ryan Ciotoli beat Nestor Boyet on a takedown

Sean Wilson dec Diego Saraiva,

Ryan Ciotoli dec Mike Fowler,

(Both semi-final winners played very conservatively on top)

Finals - Sean Wilson vs. Ryan Ciotoli

Margolis and Dalla cleared out the division above the lightweight.

Citolli won in OT from a 2-0 takedown against Sean to win the lightweight.

Thank you

Ciotoli has great takedown skills but is a brutally one faceted fighter and stalls way too much. If the officiating was any better he would have never made it to the final.

JC--I think the stalling was ridiculous myself. It is not submission wrestling to get a takedown and then do NOTHING for 7 minutes.


Also, I heard Ciotoli tore something in his knee during the final, but this was second-hand, do you have any info?

JC--he definitely was holding his knee and wincing. He looked to be limping pretty bad. Not sure.


Brett, how did you do?