"Grappler" attributes

I've been thinking a lot about strength and conditioning stuff ... I'm a BJJ white belt trying to get back in shape after some injuries, weight gain, just general "turning into a sloth" shit.

I'm familiar with basic conditioning and strength training, and I know that when designing or changing a program, you have to consider your goals. My over-arching goal right now is to drop some weight and get my cardio back, while maintaining as much strength as possible.

Thinking about goals got me thinking about what a grappler needs in the way of physical attributes -- obv. the best way to develop grappling is to grapple more, but what specific physical attributes do you think are the "signature" of the grappling arts? Like, when I think of "a boxer," I think fast hands, head movement, footwork, inhuman cardio, etc. The stereotypical TKD guy would be very flexible, fast feet, etc.

What physical attributes would the stereotypical "grappler" be known for? This could be as general as "conditioning" or "explosiveness," or as specific as "grip endurance."

I'm working on my program tonight and looking for food for thought.

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Flexability, one of the most important and most often neglected grappling attributes.

Range of motion, and not only explosive strength but the ability to hold your body in positions against resistance. Like posturing against a triangle attempt, shoulder pressure, stationary squat positions, etc.

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how about perseverence or will to keep going. Physical attributes usually dont mean as much as the mental ones

Balance, Conditioning, Grip, Flexability, ability to relax...


Other than just "having it," do you think you can develop perseverance/will? I have to admit, the non-physical things I think are holding me back in training are

a) I am just not very aggressive, I'm one of those people who always rolls and spars very "polite" even when the situation might call for putting the motherfucker on someone, and

b) I always I let "real life" get in the way of my training ... right now, my wife's out of town and I'm having to hold shit down at the house by myself, and it's real hard for me to find time to get in to train when I know I should. I can lift at home during odd hours but I'm fuck-all tired by the time it comes to BJJ.

The first one, me not having an aggressive streak, really irritates the shit out of me, I'm reasonably strong and quick for my size but even when I'm rolling against someone who's more athletic than me, or someone who really wants to go hard in prep for comp, I have trouble turning off that part of my brain that doesn't want to be a dick during training. :(

If you don't have it, can you develop it? How do you drill "guts"?