Grappler vs. Chuck Norris

I know this thread may seem like a waste of space but I am curious. I have a friend who has trained Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, and a little BJJ over the past 2-3 years. Nothing serious like he's training to fight, just more like a hobby. He's 6'2" about 180lbs, in pretty decent shape. He's never fought professionally and his only real fighting experience has come on the street. This guy swears he could kick Chuck Norris' ass in a real fight. He makes good points like Chuck is short and old as hell, but the guy seems to be in really good shape and I am sure he has had to have trained some BJJ. Who do you guys think would win this hypothetical match up?

Chuck Norris would need only to fart and it would be all over. Please tell your friend it's CHUCK F####NG NORRIS!

norris stand up is good and he's a brown under the machado's. not just a celebrity belt he has been training almost ten years and you know he trained with frank shamrock as well. norris would be tough to take on in a scrap.

I knew this thread would be taken over by the Norris jokes, but I was really curious as to people's opinions. Pharochuck do you think age or reach would play into it at all (as my friend suspects).

I thought Chuck had a Black Belt in BJJ under the Machados?

Yea, I'm pretty sure Norris and Richard Norton have actually both gotten their black belts from the Machados?

I'd like to see Richard Norton and Chuck NOrris go at it. God knows Norris has a movie record of like 200-0 vs Norton. :)


IMO Chuck takes it being a legit Machado Black belt, and being in awesome shape. I don't think age would play into it a whole lot.

Chuck Norris by brutal beatdown.

chuck's beard could out grapple any man

Chuck is not too old to kick ass!

if your friend is an exceptional athelete on top of his training, then youth might make right. but if your friend is average then i would go to the veteran who has forgotten more than your friend will ever know

Your friend isnt being an idiot, Chuck Norris would KO or submitt your friend in no time.

BTW LMFAO at 6'2 180, your skinny ass friend needs to eat more and hit the weights more.

Your friend is a fool. Chuck has been in BJJ longer than your friend's total
carrieer. He' been a fighter for nearly fifty yrs. He isn't a big guy. He never
was a big guy.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL BOW TO THE CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your freind sounds like the stereotypical tit who has trained for 2 years and thinks they are superman.

Fuck when i was over in the states training last year i had a guy telling me how he wanted to fight tito, he was convinced he could beat him (he had trained for 3 years and the only time he'd been near a ring is when he wiped his ass).

Norris would be in real danger of killing your friend, which might not be a bad thing.

Chuck Norris by Uma Plata!

BTW, your friend is an idiot.

A few years of BJJ is crap against a legit black belt, which Chuck is. Not to mention he's got pretty nifty stand up too.

Chuck could prob hang with some of the lower level UFC fighters despite his age. (Not counting his god like powers which if used result in instant death for any who oppose him)

Chuck is the real thing. All jokes aside his stand up is pretty damn good and hes a legit black belt. Take that in with years of being in fantastic shape and I really think he can hang with some upper echelon guys. your buddy would be schooled. Is your boy routinely dominating black belts now? if not what makes him think he could handle a machado black belt who also probably has more years doing standup than your frineds been alive

You want to know what's behind Chuck Norris' beard? Another fist to punch you with.

LOL at the jokes and all the info is interesting. The guy is a decent grappler, I have seen him hold his own against purple belts before, but yeah if Chuck is a Machado BB then I highly doubt his age would come into play. Interesting stuff.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.