Grapplers Quest Results?

Anybody know or have a link to the Grappler's Quest Results that went down in Vegas this past weekend? A lot of serious competitors were scheduled to compete. Thanks! :)


1. Bill Cooper
2. Wilson Reis
3. Ryan Hall

Finals: Bill Cooper def. Wilson Reis to win gold medal
Bronze: Ryan Hall def. Rodrigo Ranieri via heel hook submission
Wilson Reis def. Ryan Hall via points
Ryan Hall def. Wesley Gann via brabo choke submission

2. Brandon Olsen

Klint Radwani def. Tom Ortiz
Dustin Akbari def. Klint Radwani via points
Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra def. Anthony Cincotta via rear-naked choke submission
Jason Chambers did not show

1. Vinny Magalhaes
2. Bruno Bastos

I want to see the Reis Hall match so good.

Thanks Pbody


I was there and a ton of people were complaining about how late things were running. It was also a weird layout which made it very hard to watch the pro division.

The awkward layout was because the sports arena that they usually hold it was hosting a gun show the same weekend. I believe that next year they will have it back at the usual location.