Grappling in Orlando?

I just moved to the Orlando area and am trying to decide between two gyms to train Grappling and stand-up.

I am trying to decide between Simas' school,, which has a fantastic reputation or another school that is much cloder to my home and also looked good, but I am no expert. Theis other gym is Kokopelli's Gym and looks to specialize in NHB training. Anybody with any input on these two.

Has anyone heard of Kokopelli's gym and how does it stack up against Simas' school for grappling, stand-up, etc?

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There is also DelaRiva Jiu Jitsu.

I trained there when I was on travel for work in Florida.

There is Apex Martial Arts too. A Royce Gracie Black Belt is there and they do other martial arts there as well.

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drive to marcio's.. the grappling is subperb with numerous black belts and world champs. The stand up and vale tudo class has world class fighters from UFC, K1, KOTC, and many more.. all of the new no holds fighters they have been training have gone undefeated this year...

For good BJJ instruction, you can't go wrong with either De la Riva's or Sima's schools. I never had the chance to train with W. Bettencourt, but had a great time with Marcello Grosso, Dino and Ricardo at a few seminars awhile back. All students of their academy were very friendly and seemed more like a family.

Marcio's school is top notch but be ready to have your ass handed to you when you sign up. He has alot of great students but there but it's different. The atmosphere is a more tense and alpha-male oriented. I am sure it's how Marcio was taught and he is phenomenal.

Thanks guys for your input. I am going to try to make into to Simas' tonight to start training. I would check out DeLaRiva, but I think the drive to the school would be too much through traffic.

Perhaps I will see you there Buzzbjj.


santino, i hope you have fun tonight... train with don(black belt) or fabian (brown) they are very smooth and fun to roll with..

Orlando BJJ/ DLR-Bittencourt all the way.

I was always treated first class there.

Anyone have any idea which one is closest to Disney World? And how far is it?


gracie barra south is close to international drive and I-4.. about 10 minutes from disney.

jkd, hey can you give me some info in regards to Orlando BJJ?? Do they offer any classes before 11 in the morning or after 8 at night??

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please help guys....




Alpha Male oriented? I have been at Marcios for a few years, and I can't really say I've seen that.

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Jon Burke's new academy is a great place to check out. Apex martial arts on colonial drive. He is one of only 5 Royce Gracie Black belts and a TERRIFIC instuctor. His school is very new so you would get a ton of indivdual attention

I tried to check out Jon Burkes place but it is way too far of a drive for me. I ran into their stand up instructor one day and talked to him about the school. Seemed like a really good guy.

Been at Marcio's for a few few weeks now - only 3 classes so far as I was too sore to do any more, man I'm out of shape - and it seems like a great place to train. Some really nice guys in there that are very willing to help. I think I made the right choice. Thanks to all those whom replied.

Gamebred, do you have website, phone number, address or anything??

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Jon Burke is one of the best instructors out there.

Rob Kahn

Rob thanks bro!


Santino- What classes have you been to? I may have met you.


"Breakit" is also a great american