GRAPPLING Schools in Phoenix , AZ?

driving out west next week.  was curious where to train in Pheonix


Southwest MMA in Tempe (Baseline Rd and Mcklintock Rd) you are more than welcome to stop in while you are in town and take some classes or just roll around during open mat for free (free for classes and open mat).

How long will you be in town for? What days?

I look forward to meeting you if you stop by.

-Santino DeFranco

Hi Santino,

How about checking out our webpage at:

How about calling me??


Dave Kujawski
Director of Operations
Miletich Fighting Systems, Inc.
(651) 269-8112

Santino - im helping my younger brother drive to AZ.  i would like to train friday sometime and saturday in the AM.  my wife's flying in to meet up saturday.  after she gets in, we'll be doing lots of hiking, but no more training.  whats your schedule like on fridays and saturdays?

much thanks


Dave -  are you from another gym in phoenix?



Gotta check out Santino's!!

Hi Don,

No, I'm live in Bettendorf, IA. I am the Director of the 60+ Miletich schools in the US and Canada.

Dave - i'll be driving from WV to AZ.  any affiliates in between?


Only partially related; I recently did a drive between DC-AZ through West Virginia. You might want to avoid the I-40, or if you do take it, go south at Albequerque to the I-10, because there's been an unseasonable amount of snow on the I-40 this year, and Texas and New Mexico aren't exactly places prepared for snow.

Hi Don,

The LNK below lists many of our locations. One noteworthy school not listed is our new
Oklahoma City school. You can contact Nathan there at:

MBoylePC - thanks for the info.  im mapping out my route these next couple days.  did you get to train enroute?  just curious if you went west through WV on I-70 to St Louis, or south on I-79 and went through KY and TN

Dave - thanks, i think i may be meeting up with family in OK for lunch, so training that day may not work