Grappling Team Needed!

Recently I have been watching my wife's social Basket Ball team in action and been consistently impressed by their standing skills (especially in the clinch), trash talking and their ability to absorb all manner of punishment. I'm thinking that if these women were to make the cross over to the world of grappling and MMA they would provide all the current teams a timely wake-up indeed.

Last night was no exception: I witnessed one of the team members (probably 6'2" and 45yo) perform two impressive takedowns and at one point do a Matrix style 'exploding' escape from a pile-on by the opposition. Another woman, who looks like Gene LeBell's Nanna, regularly dislocates her knees and just smashes them back in place with a open hand slap – the same slap was used with awesome effect last night against many opponent's while the Ref was otherwise engaged. My wife, despite her many years of gruelling Judo, Body Combat and Tae Bo training is finding the whole experience rather unsettling.

I understand that the Team is presently looking for fighting opportunities. Does anybody have any suggestions as to when and where they could next compete and any existing BJJ Teams that could do with some additional talent?

How about get the team to rock up at some dojo with a video camera and do a dojo challenge match.

Perhaps the local cappoirra (spelling?) club.

May I be so bold as to suggest a childs wading pool and 500 litres of Aeroplane Jelly???





You really want to see Gene LeBell's grandma jelly-wrestling?

G please do not return to the East until you've got some of your perversions seen too.