Grappling Tournament

Summer Spectacular Submission Tournament
Sponsored by Tupelo BJJ
Saturday August 28th, 2010
Salvation Army Gym
527 Carnation St
Tupelo, MS

All styles welcome

No Points - Submission Only
Multiple Divisions Children, Ladies, Teen to Advanced

Entry Fee $50.00 (covers multiple divisions)
+$10.00 for Absolute

More Information contact Mark Romano 662-488-5234 or

we will also have a team trophy

is there a website with rules, whose putting it on, and divisons and things of that nature

also gi nogi? need some info

divisions from children and teen, beginner to advanced weight classes are _____ Feather 149.9 or less
_____ Light 150 to 169.9
_____ Middle 170 to 189.9
_____ Mid Heavy 190 to 209.9
_____ Heavy 210 +

no gi and no points