Grappling tournaments in ONTARIO??

Soooooo, its now August and been a little while since the last grappling tournament in Ontario (Bravado/OSWI). As I am here in Brazil I am getting eager to see jiu-jitsu when I get back and help out with it of course. Does anyone know the schedule for tournaments this year?

From what I understand, theres the ADCC possible soon, than Joslins in November. Anything else?When does the Grand Prix start again?


rick we should talk when you get back :)

Go Ontario!



you crazy ,

I hope your having a shitty time down there rick....LOL

be safe bro.


Okay so no more Canadian ADCC event here in Ontario.


Yeah! WooHoooo

Where can I get more info about the Joslins tourney?

the world martila arts hall of fame just did a tourney this past weekend in london. had about 40 competitors and was done by 1pm .every fighter had at least one match but most had two or more.

Too bad more people didn`t compete ,London was in full affect.

Joslin's Canadian Open will be on November 12/2006 and it drew 500 competitors last year . The biggest and best in Canada for sure. Don't miss this one as every first place winner receives a Joslin's Championship Belt for the Title.

Any other tournaments as well?


Who here is entering the Joslin's tournament at 139.9-Beginner?

Bueller Bueller