Grappling Tourny & MMA in Arkansas

Living Defense MARTIAL ARTS will host a grappling tournament in Sherwood Arkansas (north little rock).
The tournament will be gi and no gi. And then that evening we will be having Amatuer Kickboxing and MMA fights. If you would like an entry form or more information sent to you plese email your contact information to

matt hamilton at

or Danny Dring at

thanks matt


Thank you sir for the TTT.



No problems. Cheers from Nova Uniao Canada, my names Josh and I am a student of Wagnney's.

Well nice to meet you. Gustavo is comming by next week for a seminar. You should talk to Wagnney about havign our coach Toni Emanuel up from Brazil, his visa is fucked for comming to the US but hes hella good and a great coach, up to date ont he new stuff down there too.

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