Grappling training partner(s wanted Augusta/Aiken

I'm looking for a few training partners on the side to get back going. I have been off of the mat for over 2 years due to shoulder reconstruction nor a mindset to return after the surgery. I got myself back into peak shape and went back to class in January and stayed a month. The class environment just isn't conducive or productive to me now (eventhough the instructor is an awesome dude). I have a crazy work schedule so that didn't help much for me being consistant with a scheduled class as well.

Anyway, I am looking at about 3 days a week on random days and times. Just looking for cool guys that want to train hard and will leave their ego in the parking lot. IF interested, email me at so we can set something up in the Aiken, SC or Augusta, Ga area. Thanks

 Bump for my fellow Glock lover.