Grappling with a DonJoy?

Have any of you heard of someone rolling while wearing a DonJoy knee brace? Unfortunately I am going to have to wear one for awhile. Is there some sort of padded sleeve I can wear over it that would make it less uncomfortable for my training partners?


It's kinda difficult to sit all the way down, heels to butt. They sell a padded sleeve that fits over the brace, but it is still not that good for your partners. It will hurt if you accidently hit them with it.

Mine came with the sleeve.

How much does it protect the ACL as opposed to rolling without it? In other words, is it worth the inconvenience?

There is nothing better out there that will protect your ACL. NFL and College football teams, US ski team, and Steve Austin of the WWE just to name a few, use the product. It is very expensive and guaranteed for life. It will be more of an inconvenience for your training partners, as that high impact carbon plastic will hurt them if you bump them with it.

Had one after ACL surgery. Didn't ever roll in it. If you set that baby up correctly you'd be immune to knee bars ;-)

i have one for each leg -

your partners complain alot - you can be careful, but sometimes you hurt them a little.

better than you not training

sreiter - Then it is possible to train with one if you are careful?