Great Dana White quotes from PKW

Dana White did an interview on Pro Karate Weekly last night. Very interesting stuff. Here's the link:

Some Dana White quotes:

"If Tito Ortiz thinks we gave him a bad deal, wait til Don King gets done with him."

"Tito will be back in that apartment he was living in when I met him." (after Don King)

"If Don King's involved with the WFA, they'll have less shows then they had in their first run."

"I can guarantee you this....If Don King gets involved in MMA, Don King will make some money. The rest of the guys involved in the deal, I highly doubt it."

"And Tito's such a genius, I'm sure he'll cut a real good deal for himself. He's a step over a dollar to pick up a dime guy."


Did he mention if the lightweight division is coming back?

He said he wants to bring it back. As soon as he gets this TV stuff going, he wants to bring it back. He says it's much more exciting than heavyweights right now.

Sounds like he wants to do it soon. He did an old interview on PKW in their archives where he said he wants to bring it back and when its back he "considers" Yves Edwards to be his champion.

Yves would probably still have to fight for it, but he's first in Dana's eyes.

"He says it's much more exciting than heavyweights right now."

Wow, that's one of the smartest things I've heard Dana say.


Dana is a prick.

Sam Pai is correct.

They always wanted to bring the lightweights back just didn't have enough space on the cards.

Now with more time better chance for another weight class.

sam pai do you watch the tv show the office?

Tito's got his own lawyers. Most of the boxers King screwed had King's lawyers.

I'm kind of mixed on Tito. Sometimes I like him....sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth.

I do hope he has good lawyers that take care of him.

Dana is right.......Don King does know how to screw people over real good!!!!!

Thats cool about the lightwieghts.