Great Hansen interview: mmaweekly

I'm a big Hansen fan now after this read. Seems to just tell like it is and is insightful too.

I like this:

"MMAWeekly: You are consistently mentioned as one of the top 3 or 4 lightweight fighters in the world. Who are your top five lightweights and how would you rank yourself among them?

Hansen: My top five are Kawajiri, Gomi, Edwards, Shaolin, and Uno. [It's] difficult to rank myself, as I haven't met all of my top fives."

Also, not to pat myself on the back (well, ya, I am) but what Hansen says about the Uno fight is exactly how I described in that though both were very active which is what kept it exciting, Uno was def. pushing the pace.

I mean i dont know how anyone cannot think that unless they saw Hansen controlling Uno in his guard like his name was Nog or like Charuto did to Hughes (round 1 that is).

Anyhow, I really look forward to seeing Hansen score some more big wins after reading this.