Great News!! Texas Submission Athletics has FINALY gotten all questions and issues with the Texas Athletic Commission cleared up! SO THE CHALLENGE IS BACK ON&. BUT&.. We have decided to change the game a bit. The 16 man is off, some of the originals will not be available and the time needed to find replacement talent is simply not an option. So to spice things up a bit and take it to the next level we have added a PRO DIVISION! Those who choose to may enter one of the three weight classes in the Pro Div. The winner in each Pro Div weight class will take home $1000.00!! I know what youre thinking: Sure thats great but what will it cost to enter the Pro Div? Well lets see, the current rate seems to be around 80 -100 dollars! Well we think thats too high! Pro Div pre registration is only 60.00 (if done at least 2 weeks prior to event) at the door is 75.00, but here is the best part, if you come in first or second in the pro div YOU GET YOUR ENTRY FREE BACK! So first place gets up to $1070.00 plus a trophy! Second gets up to $70.00 plus a trophy!Third Place gets a trophy. Also all those who pre-register for the pro division will receive 3 free spectator passes for family and friends! Normal divisions entry fee is 45.00 at the door and 40.00 if you pre register! This makes the Texas Submission Challenge one of if not the BEST DEAL around! Currently we are trying to secure the venue for the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June. More info is on the way! PASS THE WORD TEXAS SUBMISSION ATHLETICS IS TAKING BJJ AND SUBMISSION WRESTLING IN TEXAS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

this is pretty freaking cool.


would you honor Pe De Pano if he wanted to enter?

would you allow him to?

Of course Pe De Pano could enter. We encourage as many people to come as possible.

However, everyone who comes needs to understand that there will be no political influencing of decisions (even if that means someone might boycot us for not showing them favoritism), and we will strictly enforce rules of sportsmanship. The idea behind this tournament is to give many people the chance to compete in a large scale event who normally can not travel to the East or West coast.

Even though there are allot of people who are upset with Pe De Pano and/or Jeff Mosnon right now, we would be honored to have competitors of their caliber at our event. I think that the right kind of competition environment can help ensure that the type of negative issues that have arisen in the past are avoided.

How disappointing....There I was thinking the great news from Texas is Stacy Sanchez got hit by a mack-truck and had her face permanently disfigured.

A man can only dream......


The sub challenge is good news, indeed.

...although, I was hoping we were going to succeed from the union and become a sovreign nation.

We are saving that for the next event if we can raise enough capitol from this one


We'll be just like Luxemberg



hmmm, keep me informed I might be willing to make a trip

If you're looking at May/June, would it be possible to re-institute the 16 man if there is enough interest?

Lance, no we have decided that doing it this way will open the field of talent the 16 man was turning into a heavy weight event. this way even smaller guys can have a shot at the 1k in the light and middle weight div

Good call.

I enjoy the lighter weights more anyway!!!

Any chance you'll be up here for Fight Night tommorrow?

nice !

nope cant make it wish i could though.