GREAT tune for hard training


Hard pass


I just listen to Conspiracy Castle

Alex Stein #99

Eurofag commie music.

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Two steps from hell

you may want to read this

is this what you train too lol

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this must get you really hyper lol

It helps me get in my zone and focus on my drilling. It’s either this, Gavin McInnes clips on YouTube or Rogan if the right guest is on atm. Maybe a little Eddie Bravo/Ethan Ralph/Fuentes.


youre welcome

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But the best of both worlds can be fused.

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Fucking oath pussy, what is your beat that is more hype than some two steps from hell epic tunes.

You listen to Linkin Park or some gay emotional track?

how long have you been a satanist?

why would i listen to linkin park
thats trailer park shit you like

i bet you have never been to a nightclub

i know they must be rare in your back woods community

is this your fb profile pic?

I listen to a lot of rap when I work out. I dont particularly like the genre in normal circumstances but its so well suited to that kind of stuff - aggressive, hype, violent lyrics etc but has a more suitable tempo and rhythm for working out than most metal does, especially for stuff like shadow boxing. None of that artsy/intellectual type rap either, the dumber the better.


You’re right, you have to work out to have work out music ya slob :laughing:

for the primitive rednecks out there

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is this you at the gym?

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