GREAT weekend for FFA! Went 8-3!

The Freestyle Fighting Academy did awesome this past weekend (12/8 and 12/9), competing in three events! We participated in the Kumite Challenge, the Fire On Ice Grappling Showdown, and Jermain Taylor's boxing title defense!

In the Kumite Challenge, Haender "Cubita" Rodriguez participated in his second pro-kickboxing fight and won by unanimous decision! I don't have his opponent's name on hand at the moment, but his opponent had a lot of experience. Cubita scored a powerful knockdown in the first round - his opponent barely beat the ten count! Cubita improves his kickboxing record at 2-0 versus his pro MMA record of 3-1.

Then at the Fire on Ice Grappling Showdown, we had nine members of the team participate. The grappling show had a card style format with single matches in a boxing ring. We had over 200 spectators come to see our guys in action. The following competed for our team:

Guillermo Marin lost in Overtime in a very close match, Cesar Serje lost by submission in a war of a match, and Ariel Gandulla lost by submission despite landing a huge slam at the start of the match. Jimmy Vega, Rick Carroll, and Mike Bernhard won their matches by points, controlling their matches very well. Carlos Garcia and Chevenne "El Che" Moreno both won by submission! Both guys managed to pull out leglock victories in fast pace matches. Enrico Cocco came out super aggressive and won the main event by submission. For the grappling event, our team finished 6-3! All the guys gave a great effort!

Then later that same night, FFA kickboxing coach Eric "El Tigre" Castanos was working in the corner with boxing Middleweight World Champion Jermain Taylor in Arkansas for his title defense versus Kasim Ouma. Jermain won a dominant 12 round decision victory over Ouma!

It was a very strong weekend for the team - we finished 8-3!

Congrats to all the FFA competitors!


Congrats to all. It was a very entertaining night!