Green Fight

Just a little observation from Danny Green's short fight last night. Watching the fight with some other MMA fans, we had a friendly bet on the number of clinches you would see in a 10 round boxing match?

Bets ranged from 50 - 100 clinches in a 10R fight.

Number of clinches per round were as follows:

R1 - 5
R2 - 10
R3 - 10
R4 - 11
R5 - 5 before fight was stopped

This averages out at about 9 clinches per round for last nights fight. Taking into account that as fighters tire when fights go on and tend to clinch even more (like in the fight preceding Green's), the prediction of a 100 clinches per fight is probably a tad conservative. That's "one hundred" clinches per fight!

Really makes you wonder what would happen if they didn't continuously separate the fighters and made them continue from the clinch? Oh that's right........we would have MMA!

Congrats to Green btw who looked fairly sharp after his R2 knockdown and was gracious as ever after the fight.



That's a very interesting statistic. It shows how difficult it is to strike with someone who doesn't want to.


Haven't seen the Green fight yet, was he hurt at all in the 2nd when he went down or was he more off balance?
I see Omar (Greens opponet) has only stoped 9 opponets out of his 27 wins.

As of clinches i think it really depends on the style of the fighters and also the ref. Some refs let them stay in the clinches and other breack it straight away.

Would have thought on the number you came up with with this fight the Mundine/Echols fight would have had to top 200 mark then ;)

Green was actually rocked in the first round by a shot that looked like it did more damage, but he did not go down. In the second round, it was more of a flash knockdown, but it was a clean right cross that landed. Greed did not look hurt and was right back up ready to go.

Green was definitely dominating the match. The match was stopped due to a cut above Omars eye. He really jumped up and down after the decision. Fenech stated that the Doctor told him that Omar was telling him (the doc) that he could not see.


Very interesting stats!

It is very interesting.
Art did you or your friends do a break down of which fighter caused the holding?
Did Green do a bit of the holding in the 1st and 2nd rounds?

It does show (like Elvis said) if a fighter wants to hold and grapple it is very hard just to punch them away. But if the ref wasn't (or in the Beyer fight even if the ref was) there and you were in with Green fair chance if you hold your going to cop a head butt or two. :)

From my perspective Green did not initiate the majority of the clinches, even in the early rounds.


I wish I could find someone to hold me :(

I tried to find Punch stats on this match to see how many punches are thrown and landed to each clinch, but alas was unable to dig any up.