Green- yet another Strikeforce fighter that UFC got

I just hope that if Bellator does end and not get bought by PFL that most of the best talent goes to UFC.

I’d hate to see fighters like Pico and Usman Nurmagomedov end up in PFL and be unable to compete in the UFC vs the best in their respective divisions.

Strikeforce aged so well

Strikeforce being bought allowed the UFC to get Cain, Ronda, Cyborg, Rockhold, Yoel, Overeem, Werdum, Hendo, Jacare, Nick, Giblert etc…

Green was not even in the top 10 fighters fans were so happy about UFC getting at the time and here he is all these years later still going.

Anthony Smith is yet another Strikeforce fighter UFC got. Now Anthony Smith may not be a LHW GSP or Mighty Mouse but he has gone 12-7 in the UFC and the majority of the fighters he has lost to have either won or fought for the LHW title in their UFC careers.

Smith now has 55 pro fights and thats a rare thing in this era.

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Can we send him back to Strikeforce now?