Greg Hardy Calls Derrick Lewis an 'ex-con' with Popeyes greasy lips

Thoughts on Hardy’s comments forum mob?

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I’d love to see that fight.


At least Lewis got in trouble for beating up a man


Sounds like a racist remark from the 40s


jesus christ what time is the fun bit? hearing people proclaim they are a good parent… I find a bit sick-making


You going to give us a time stamp, pal?

Lol at this " journalist" ever returning to one of his threads. Good luck fellas.


the entire HW division has become affirmative blacktion for ratings.

you are tv land GIF by nobodies.


He done fucked up. He wants to fight a dude who is called The Black Beast and then insults his favorite restaurant. Black beast by murder in 1st round.

Greg don’t really want any of that

Greg wins an easy UD via fighting at range. Sorry, I think he’s a POS too but it’s not a hard fight for him. He moves well for a big dude and has good reach.


Did you see what the woman beater said? He straight up admitted Lewis was better than him at this time.

He also seems to think that being able to bribe/intimidate your way out of a prison sentence somehow makes him better than a man who did his time and has turned his life around.

I’m not a huge Black Beast fan, but against a lowlife like Hardy I’d be hoping for a Fatality.


Normally I’d say this opinion is crazy. Then I saw it was you and had to consider it more seriously, knowing your vast experience with heavyweights.


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kurt angle wrestling GIF by WWE

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Lewis is kinda like a black poor man’s Tank Abbott.

Tai is gonna break him with leg kicks then take his tired ass out

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Future WMMA hw champion of the world.

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Too short. She’d never make it past my baby mama’s jab and she’s definitely in a lower weight class as well.