Greg Hardy fights Tai Tuivasa next?

No fight makes him less of a piece of shit.

It’s easy to hate in him for good reason.

Tai looked a lot better lately. I reckon he takes it rd 2

I think the penny has finally dropped for tai and he knows that if he wants to be part of the ufc, he has to lift his game

Also The fact he is training with gokhan saki, and speaks so highly of him…like he should, is definitely a step in the right direction

Finally, I got tai first or second round ko, and a big one at that, Hardy hasn’t had some try to take his head off, tai will walk forward and throw bombs

Gotta love that match up

Can’t they take an inhaler before the bout or in the locker room? The half-life of albuterol is several hours, so they would be fine in the cage. WADA/USADA rules allow it in limited doses, with the cutoff being about nine puffs.

Absolutely. It’s Tuivasa’s fight to lose. Hardy’s transition to MMA is commendable and for the most part well done, but he’s mid tier, which goes a long way in heavyweight MMA.

Every asthmatic I’ve ever played football or traned UFC with really like to hit that thing every time they get out of breath.

I don’t have asthma so I don’t really know what it’s like but I feel like they should just be allowed to freely use it.

I don’t really know the rules, I just know Hardy had a fight ruled a NC for using one mid fight.

Hardy will put Mr. Shoey to sleep, he’s too easy to hit and Hardy has the power.

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why does hardy have a lot to lose fighting a guy ranked above him?

Nope the Aussie bogan will beat the shit out of big boy, no subs or wrestling, sounds like tai’s kinda fight

Hardy has Ngannou level punching power. Tai will go to sleep.

He was never proven guilty of anything.

Don’t be an idiot.

He was given probation but wanted a jury trial. Then his victim stopped cooperating and refused to testify (wonder why…$?).

You can be his fan all you want, you can quote his jail time all you want, that’s on you.

Sounds like you are a classic jealous hater, that’s on you.

Hater of what?


Woman beaters?

Are you 12? Get a life.

You hate people more athletic or successful than you. I have a life, sadly unlike yourself.

You know literally nothing about me except that I think Hardy is a piece of shit. That’s it.

You’re now trying to throw random insults at the wall to see what sticks, a true sign of maturity and class.

You don’t seem too intelligent and I’m not wasting time on the internet with some belligerent childish fool that thinks he’s smarter than he is.

Good luck to you.

It’s obvious that you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Your whole reply speaks volumes about yourself, LOL…

I’ll pick Tai. I think Hardy has power equal to Tuivasa but if he doesn’t hurt him early he will gas.

Domestic Violence vs Fat Shoey guy who pisses himself on the regs. Battle of the cunts!