I expect there's more than a few people who need to eat some crow...

-Josh Grispi vs. Mark Hominick
R1 – After a brief chase scene to open the fight, Grispi started scoring with various kicks and punches, but didn't do much damage until about a minute-and-a-half into the round, connecting on a couple strong punches. That only seemed to awaken Hominick, who then started firing back with numerous punch combinations. Grispi, initially going after the takedown, wound up on Hominick's back with the Canadian standing and falling to his back with a rear naked choke attached a la Matt Hughes scoring the infamous choke out of Frank Trigg.

Josh Grispi def. Mark Hominick by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at , R1

who is Grispi?

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ya diggg

oh man i should have gotten off of this site that just completly spoiled the whole thing for me. o well, they better show it at 9. congrats grispi

Grispi Is a fullforce

Nice, that is a good win. Hominick is no slouch. Congrats to a fellow New
Englander. The Sultan is gonna be happy with his screen name bet. Chris
was the fight televised?

what does it say on Grispi's back?

congrats to josh.i hope he can find a good home in the wec

Nice spoiler asshole.

Is this gonna be aired

the fight is not on the main card. there's a chance it could be on TV, but b/c it's not scheduled to be so we don't call it a spoiler...

Bush league move.

wow mike nice plug. congrats grispi the next big thing

Chris, awesome bro! Congrats to you guys!

drop me a line when u get a second or check your email


Congrats to Grispi Man that kid is fucking awesome.



Werd son.

congrats to Grispi.

I don't understand how it's not a spoiler if it's not on the TV card.

If you tell us the results before we see the fight then it is a spoiler. This makes me not want to come on to this site on the night of events. Especially when one of the people who runs is spoiling fights.