Groin Tear?

Tonight at BJJ my friend was passing my guard and placed his knee on my thigh. To stop him I tried to push his knee off and pull my leg free.

I felt a series of pops and rips in my groin, about 6 inches down from my pubic bone. I let out a big "Fu@k" and cluched my leg. Not only did I really mess up my leg, but I earned 50 push ups for cussing on the mat:(

I couldn't even get up for about 20 minutes to get off the mat, just laid there with ice on my groin, wimpering like a little bitch.

So, any ideas how long the recovery is for a pretty bad groin tear? I guess 3 months before I can even think about playing guard?

that happenned to me i believe a year ago. you should be back to class in a couple days. ok so you will be sore, but what you need to do is start in peoples guards and do what you can do. Don't have anyone in your guard, it will hurt.

Tiger balm, or salonpas will help prior to class. Take one of those long elastic bands and wrap it tight around your inner thigh before you train.

you will be healed up in no time.

Get a MRI. I had a similar thing happen and the doctor said it was a tear. After two months of it not getting much better I got a MRI and found out my muscle tore right off the bone! I've been off the mat for three months.

I don't think it was a complete tear.

When I adduct my thigh I can feel the exact spot that is injured.

Pulled Groin total healing time is 1 year. Period.

don't be fooled or misled. You can roll and you'll be able to roll in about 6-8 weeks FULL strength but it won't be fully healed.

Especially if it is a high groin pull like you described.

Playing from you back and half guard will have to wait for a while.


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So you tore your groin and then you were made to do pushups even
though you had clearly been injured? Sounds like your in good hands.

Nah, I owe him the push ups. He let me lay there in the fetal position :)

Trying to sleep last night was pure hell. I woke up at 2 am and popped a vicodin.

I am going to the doc this afternoon to have him check it out. I'm think it is a grade 2 strain, I can get up and walk with a bit of pain, and I don't feel a gap or knot where the injury is.

I am getting a strange knee pain too. Maybe it is because the injured muscle inserts at the knee?

Rhadi, thanks for the advice.

Judo Machine is correct. I'm about three months out and still feel it when I'm not warmed up real good.

The healing process of a pull or a tear is similar to a piece of ice in an ice tray in the freezer.

In the beginning stages it will feel like it is healed. But like a piece of ice is only hard on the outside and still water (plasma) in the middle so is a healing strained muscles.

The muscle fibers are lying down and trying to re-bridge themselves and although you feel okay, the last thing that you want to do is stretch aggressively or do any violent motions.

Take your time and remember - THE ICE CUBE.

I feel for ya bro. Same exact thing happened to me in October and I still feel the effects. The way I feel, I believe Rhadi is right about needing a year to heal. I had unbearable pain for the first two weeks and walked gingerly for a month. Three months later I am back to rolling but can't do any throwing or falling.

I never had a chance to go to a doctor (no insurance), so I dunno what happened in clinical terms, but I am almost positive that lots of stuff was torn. The night it happened I threw up and had severe chills and shakes. I felt as if what was left of my abs and groin muscles had receded deep into my body, and the pain was everywhere from the interior of my knees to the perineum to the pubic bone to the lower back. Damn I screwed myself up.

Funny you should say that, about an hour after it happened I thought I was going to throw up.

Man, I don't know how those guys in combat get a major injury and still fight on. I couldn't even move for a long time.

Rhadi, if you don't mind me asking, I know you had a pretty bad injury a few years ago. Something about a muscle ripping off the bone. Where/what was it again?

Listen, quit being a pussy and get back to training. I have broken my ankle and continued training the next damn day.

Ice, heat, and repeat and rap it and warm it before you train.

my buddy & i were rolling in my garage. i didn't stretch prior to. he pushed down on my knee to pass while i had him in butterfly guard. i heard three pops followed by a loud scream. my mind registered a nano second later that it was actually me screaming. (the weird thing about it was i heard the scream an instant before i felt the excruciating pain)

i could barely walk the first week or so. i still came to class every night just to watch but my instructor forced me to get back out there & roll light after about a month. i avoided using guard like the plague. after about a week of that, it felt a lot better. i guess my injury wasn't as serious as those described by the previous posters'.

Holy crap this isn't getting better. I'm still in pain most of the time. I'm going to get a MRI Friday.

Dude my buddy tore his groin and was out for almost a year.

It probably would have healed faster if he hadn't tried training lightly a handful of times during his injury.

Your best best is to buy yourslef a 360 or Wii and do nothing for 6-8mos.

Good luck, I hope it heals quickly for you.