Gross "Fight" story

Okay well tonight I was over at a friend's house bullshitting around. About midnight a friend shows up with a guy I really don't like but put up with because he is my friend's friend ( I am sure you know someone like this). He had been drinking a bit and kept trying to "slap box" with me. I just tried to ignore him because I knew it would only escalate when I started getting the better of him.

At this point he gets the bright idea of punching me in the balls, which he then shares this idea with me when I had my head turned talking to someone else. Of course I am a little annoyed but not pissed (this kind of shit happens a lot with some of my "friends"). After going for a half ass body lock (I kinda want to just fake it..he is much bigger than me 6'4 265lbs I am 6'5 but only 199lbs) I threw a knee to the balls to even the score and finish it off with a headbutt/head spear.

He stumbles into the other room whinning about his ball (I guess the headbutt didn't bother him). We were in a friend's house and I thought fighting this guy would be fucked up so I assume we were done. Well when you assume...ect.

He comes barrel assing through the doorway and tackles me on to my buddy's futon. He knows a little about grappling so when I got my guard (on the bed no less)and spin into an armbar he pulls his arm out. I simple switched right into the triangle. I locked up both of his arms as he tried to push me into a weight stand. After I passes out I let go and he FUCKING PUKES ALL OVER ME!!!!!!

I hop up and run to the bathroom. After cleaning up the fucking asshole goes after me again. This time it ended in a fucked up shoulder from a kimura. End of Story

The moral of the story is BJJ works in the ring (cage) but in a real fight it only gets you puked on or something like that I guess.

"he decided to punch me in my balls"

"this happens alot with my friends"

Dude, only if I felt my life was threatened, would I
go for a mans balls. I don't care if it's "playin around" or if it's an all out "SCRAP" I don't give a shit.

I suggest you find some new friends, unless you're a faggett.........

i think this story is a little on the Fagatory side

The moral of the story is BJJ works in the {brown ring} bed room but in a real fight it only gets you puked on or something like that I guess.

Holy shit way to miss the point guys...I told this story because the fucking guy puked on me after I choked him out.

You guys are the biggest homophobes. Everything is fag or gay.

I mean what was I going to do? Break everything in my friend's house beating on this guy. OH I forgot everyone here fights at a drop of a hat has a supermodel girlfriend is 203-0 in street fights and benches 400lbs.

I swear this board is full of you fucking clownshoes!!

"some of my 'friends'" is what I in not really guys I hang (note quotes) with and that kinda shit gets on my nerve. You know the tough guy that always tries to prove he is a bad a lot of people on this board!

That was a proper gay goku...LOL

I didnt even read it..

once i see root words like "Head butts and balls" and i comment on that..

6'5 199 pounds.. damn homie eat something will you

I have no fat on my legs, arms, or face but enough on the torso. So at 199 I still look like I could lose a few pounds.

Helps in the fights I am a foot taller than everyone else!!

this "story" = ghey

Ball-tapping and pulling guard in bed... Nope, nothing gay about that.

After I passes out I let go and he FUCKING PUKES ALL OVER ME!!!!!!

You passed out, and he puked all over you? How'd you
choke yourself?

i dont believe any UG fight stories bu this one sounds kinda believable...

hahahah, it was a good story JSMHP, except for being puked on. That had to stink............ bet his shoulder hurts this morning..... & be really glad you were at someone else's house, cause you got to sleep in a nice smelling bed!!!!

did you wash your crouch. maybe that is why he barfed.

I worked in this factory one summer and the guys there had this game they called "bag tag" and they would wait till the new guys weren't looking and the slap them in the balls hard and yell "BAG TAG!". The idea was that after you were not a new guy you could slap the new guys in the balls.

I have no clue why the hell they thought this was funny but I said I didn't want really to be part of this. Most guys were cool about it but this one dumbass didn't care and he slapped people anyway.

I was working a machine that coiled steel rope and this guy slaps my balls and yells bag tag and walks away laughing. I could have had my damn hand caught in the coil and ripped off so I was not pleased. I stopped my machine and walked over to where his station was and I kicked out the wood skid under him so he fell to his hands and knees and then I kicked him right in the middle off the ass and yelled, "BOOT FUCK!"

The bitch cried to the foreman and we both got sent home for a day. However I had to listen to his crying about how new guys were the only fair game for weeks after that but he kept his hands to himself for the rest of the time I was there.

Okay so at someone else knows assholes that do that kind of shit. BTW it wasn't my house or bed that got puked on thank god!!!