GSP is going to MAUL Dan Hardy

  Hardy has the takedown defense of a deer, GSP has the best takedowns in MMA. GSP will dump him on his ass and ELBOW, PUNCH and HAMMERFIST Hardy into Bolivia, Hardy talked A LOT OF SMACK......this fight WILL NOT be for the faint of heart. 


Hey retard, I think your bus is watiting outside for you

Good point, TC. I still think GSP will win... but if he couldn't finish Hardy on the ground, what makes anybody think he will finish Diaz on the ground? He almost certainly won't... or at least no more than 25% chance that he will...

Hardy is a trash talking, no respect asshole. GSP will finish him inside of 1 round. He will out strike hardy on the feet and sub him on the ground. Hardy is boring as shit and doesn't deserve to be in there with the great finisher and champion like Geerorrgeesz.

Diaz's ground game is much better than Hardy's but GSP will still dominate on the ground. Does Diaz have the take down defence to keep it standing? I suspect not!

I dont see GSP VS Hardy happening again anytime soon. If ever. Imo Phone Post

Butthurt Trolls in this thread. Phone Post