GSP = No Respect for the Belt/UFC

Ok, so Georges now says that he didn't train hard for Serra, right? Implying that Serra was not on his level and that he DIDN'T have to train hard.

To me that just shows how little he respected the title to begin with. It is not about disrespecting Serra, but rather not having enough respect for his title, the UFC, and the fans to come in at his best. If being the champion means that much then it shouldn't matter who you fight, the TITLE is on the line and a champion should respect the title enough, respect the UFC enough, and respect the fans enough to always train at his highest level and be at his best.

GSP proves that he is undeserving of the title IF his excuse is TRUE. I personally don't believe it is true but this lie that he is telling everyone now is showing that.

Hughes as well as ANYONE who says they didn't train hard for their title defenses. I have lost respect for GSP, Hughes, and any other so called professional that displays this kind of unprofessionalism.

Cry about it... GSP is telling the truth. You'll be back eating his nuts after you watch his next fight

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I guess destroying Matt Hughes doesn't qualify you for the belt?

Hmmm..Guess Barry Bonds doesn't qualify for those homeruns cause he is a jerk to the fans and media....???

Matt Hughes said he trained 2 weeks for his title defense at UFC 42 against Sean Sherk.

He said, after losing his belt to Penn, that he wasn't taking the sport seriously enough, that it came too easy for him, and that the loss was a wake up call.

I guess the "greatest of all times" WW champ is also unfit for the UFC belt, and has no respect for the UFC.

I personally don't think it's that he didn't train for Serra, everyone knows as well as he does, if you're fighting you're gonna train for it! So, it's kinda dumb for him to say he didn't train. I feel he just underestimated Serra. That's simply what happened IMO. I feel that, just like everyone else GSP has lost to, he will come back and beat Serra the second time around. Just my 2 cents.

"Hmmm..Guess Barry Bonds doesn't qualify for those homeruns cause he is a jerk to the fans and media....???"

no, he doesn't qualify becuase he's a cheater.

oh he's not a cheater?

Mike Murphy, equipment manager of the San Francisco Giants, testified that since Bonds became a Giant in 1993...Bonds's baseball shoe size has changed from 10½ to 13.

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If you're going to complain about GSP not training enough, you can make the claim that half the champions who lost their belt, Matt Hughes included, disrespected the sport by not training.

As for GSP stating he's training hard for the fight, ever heard of a white lie? What's he going to do to promote the fight, claim he isn't training? Yeah, real smart. Might as well tell Serra where he's injured, too.

Most of you guys are blind! If someone is admitting that they didnt train hard enough for a fight that means that they never valued the belt to begin with.

Is anyone going to argue with the fact that it takes hard work to be a champion? That it takes even more work to keep the championship? HOw can you all be so blind to this fact? The fact that GSP or ANY OTHER CHAMPION takes an opponent lightly to defend their title mean that they don't have respect for the title and they don't deserve to keep the title - whi is why GSP got KTFO!

End of discussion

It doesn't mean they disrespected the title. It means they're human. And yes, humans get KTFO all the time!

Are we still discussing this? I don't see what the big deal is. GSP took Serra lightly and got his ass handed to him for it. Serra won, gets bragging rights, etc. I think we can all move on at this point.


There is nothing wrong with being human or getting KTFO. IF you get KO'd but put everything into your training, then hey, great try, get over the loss, learn from it and become better then you were.

Saying that you didn't bother training hard because it was one opponent instead of another is telling me that person doesn't have the professionalism to be champion. And looked what happened to him!

How many times do people have to learn the hard way. Hasn't the example of taking opponents lightly been seen to many times over? Ignorance can't be blamed here.

I'm not blaming ignorance and neither is GSP. He wasn't prepared and he admits it and lost.

If you make it to top level competition, like the UFC, and don't train your hardest, then Yes you are disrespecting the fans, UFC, and the Fighters.


I love GSP
but if true, he deserved to lose..

great one bludhall.

The simple fact of the matter is training for MMA is incredibly difficult. I think its understandable that GSP didn't train as hard for Serra as he did for Hughes.

Get a grip on reality not some fantasy land you've made up on how fighters aren't real people.