GSP on his way to a mean flat top..

That or he's converted to Judaism and is growing a permanent yarmulke. Thoughts?

Blue name please!

He's growing his hair out for his role in the Captain America movie.

I realize that, just looks hilarious at this point imo. And thanks Nick! VU!

Indeed his hair does grow like a yarmulke Phone Post 3.0

I'm happy he and Freddie are working together again.


hubris -
Haha! That's pretty funny Phone Post 3.0

Jarhead Phone Post 3.0

hubris -
Lol Phone Post 3.0

eh eh eh, yu laugh ull yu wunt, but, I fight wence a yur and I'm wurth $12 million dullurs, suckas!



Can he even grow a mustache? They're gonna have to glue some squiggles to that upper lip. Phone Post 3.0

Sweet jr high mustache coming in as well Phone Post