GSP on JRE - and with the hair too!

He is one of those few people who looks better with no hair.

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I was thinking that too initially, but then I started to think it’s just because we are so used to seeing him with his head shaved.

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It could be, and I thought that too. But then I looked at GSP’s hair again, and wonder if that haircut could ever look good!

LOL, that’s horrible.

I am listening to the show now.

GSP just said, when it comes to MMA, “the UFC is the Vaseline of Petroleum Jelly!”

lol - I don’t know why he said that. Was he just rubbing it in?

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just heard this: Daniele Bolelli & ME
the guy sounds so much like gsp its nuts

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Really, do you think so?

I have known Bolelli for a long while. He was on JRE in about 2013.

They don’t sound similar to me. GSP is French. French Canadian. Bolleli is Italian.


Perhaps he just means the brand name is synonymous with the product?..

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Yes, that is what he did mean. But it was a strange example to choose after his history with Vaseline/grease at the BJ Penn fight.

There are other examples he could have used, like Kleenex, Hoover, Sharpie, xerox, etc.

But anyway his bringing it up out of the blue just seemed a little odd. lol

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GSP looks like he’s about ready to captain the US Womens Soccer team


The voice for sure but the italian accent is too different.

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