GSP is the best P4P

Do you agree?

Or is it just me?

Rds 1,2,3 elbows and knees

We pay a fee 2 the UFC

but sometimes free on Spike TV

I want to see GSP vs Pride FC

too much caffiene in need to pee

No he's not the best p4p.....P4P = crap cuz its nothing that can ever be proven.........I would have to say that if bj penn was a heavy and fought fedor he'd get killed because fedor never cruises in a fight.

feedor is a nice man

Fedor seems like a nice guy out of the ring. Inside the ring, I'd ask for an M-60, just to be sure I was safe.




Kid? are you Kidding?


Are you kidding?? KID is a serious contender for PFP best. Awesome Wrestler (maybe the best wrestler in MMA) who has standup good enough to fight K-1 level guys like Masato and more than hold his own.

Few other people in MMA are as solid all around as KID Yamamoto (I hope he comes back soon)

I also agree with GSP4Prez's list.

Fedor, KID, and GSP are the top fighters PFP in the sport.

but GSP is a nice guy and Kid is a Ass. You lose points for assholeness.

I would say P4P Kid would kill him. Kid is a better wrestler and better striker. I am not sure that GSP could go tree rounds with Masato even considering his size advantage. Kid may have more outright KO power than GSP and certainly P4P.

Kid could fight at 135 lbs but has beat top guys at 155. there is no one else I can think of in the game that could fight two weight classes up and do well. Kid has never been submitted and his only loss is from a cut. He has also finished almost every fight.

I truely believe that Kid is hands down the best P4P fighter.

I think GSP would kill Masato if you let him have his size-advantage. Kid is probably still a good call for PFP best in MMA though.

GSP is definitely top 3 now.

what the fuck did BJ do to him? land a thumb to the eye, and still at best with a blinded GSP barely edged out 1 fuckin round. big whoop. go take another sip of Rogan's kool aid.

GSP cheated to beat a 155er, gimme a break. He got away with it like OJ.

GSP #2 and closing in on #1.