GSP picking McGregor at UFC 264

See why the UFC welterweight legend is picking McGregor, as well as his long-time coach Firas Zahabi’s thoughts on the trilogy fight.


Me if I lose money on Conor again


I am not a gambling man but the easiest 100 bucks I made was when a Floyd homer at work bet me 100 bucks that Conor would not last 1 round.


Wow. What a retard lol I woulda tried upping the money from $100 to a few hundred

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GSP picking McGregor and Khabib picking Poirer… I think it’s time to settle things between GSP and Khabib lol

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I want McGregor to win but I think GSP got this one wrong…

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Me too.

Out of curiosity say Conor smokes Dustin like their first fight.

Does that mean Dustin isnt any good anymore?

I like Dustin to get the TKO again but McGregor does have that left hand so it’s not impossible.

How is GSP on his fight picks?

Hopefully, GSP is better at picking fights than he is at picking a hairstyle.