GSP's weakness


You heard it here first..

Jacktown Judoka

guess thats why karo beat him so bad

GSP already beat Karo.

Jacktown am fail.

Perhaps Karo is not the judoka gsp would be( with proper training)..He should invest in Judo, it would bring him high dividends. Perhaps he could get a gold medal and be worth Yoshida's payday.

judo judo judo judo

Furey was schooled by the dead, judo is very much alive..

Ummm... GSP's "style" is one of the most complete in the game. Even the best Judokas cannot andull his riddem.

his backflip also needs work

"Throughout Japanese history, martial arts have been associated with their culture. Under the Feudal System, several styles of Bujutsu (fighting art) such as Jujitsu and Kenjutsu were established by samurai warriors. After the Meiji Restoration and modernization, under the influence of Europian sports, some traditional styles of Bujutsu made rule systems and transformed themselves into competition sports such as Judo, Karate, and Kendo. At the same time, however, these competitions assumed the situation of No Holds Barred as the art of self-defence. Judo, which was established from several ryus of Jujitsu by Jigoro Kano, is the root of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, introduced by his student named Mitsuyo Maeda (aka Count Koma)." Guess who...

gsp4prez obviuosly knows nothing of judo.GSP4Prez should realize backflips that go a-rye, (sp) are best landed with good breaskfalls

judo is too static.

It can't handle the rythmic intensity of a typical GSP performance.

GSP does not need judo, judo needs GSP.

"GSP does not need judo, judo needs GSP"


simple simons. imo.

exactly , you dont know

Jacktown Judoka is clearly unaware that GSP trains Judo with Nicholas Gill.

would explain alot

"guess thats why karo beat him so bad "

my thoughts exactly

GSP study Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Renzo school for newaza.

For tachi waza, GSP study judo would be good - if they wore gi in Octogon.

GSP best tachi waza technique = atemi. Therefore, judo not as helpful.

To counter Matt Hughes takedowns, better for GSP to train no-gi Canadian wrestling, not gi judo. duh!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Caaaaaaaaannaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaa!

One would think that certain people on here (Jacktown) would have better things to do than rag on every fighter for not having Yoshida-like judo skills. I will admit that a big problem in America is that Judo is not always taken seriously. Considering it's very serious in almost every part of the world, eventually America will fall in line, but until then, I believe I speak for everyone when I say that it's getting pretty old and quite annoying Jacktown.