guard : pants grabbers

What do I do if I'm playing open, especially butterfly guard, and my opponent grabs my pants inside the knees on both sides, puts a lot of weight on them and jumps over to pass?

I will sometimes get a two on one on his arm and kick my leg free, breaking his grip. But then in a few seconds he just re-grabs the pants.

Is there a secret move one can use on a drone who singlemindedly goes for the double pants grip inside the knees?

Grab one of his arms with both of yours. Pull one of the arms into you and sweep.

You can also circle your foot around and hook behind his arm (as you would for the bicep cutter sweep). This will force him concentrate on freeing his arm and not on passing the guard.

There is also a duck under clock choke from this. Just push his head down with your left hand while grabbing his right lapel with your right hand as with the cross collar. Bring your right arm over the back of his head, lean forward and place your head under his right arm. Then use your weight to sweep him to his back, and hip away from his head which will tighten the choke.

Why are you letting the guy get his grip again after you've freed your leg ?

Once you control his arm and free your leg, keep his arm and work for a sweep or armlock.

Arm drag!

Good ideas all, I will start working on it.

Are you on your back or sitting up when he passes?

If you're on your back then sit up. By doing this you'll be able to control his head or grab a leg or just move yourself around instead of getting passed.

If he's mid air....tuck your knees in to your chest and bump him off so he doesn't get the mount.

Grab deep in his collar with your left hand and lift your elbow/forearm under his chin as you sit on your right hip. If he leans in to pass, you can choke him (like Margarida does), or you can arm drag and try to sweep, put him in the guard, go to a single leg, or take his back (all depending on his distance and reaction).

If he has both of your knees sit up and grab the cloth on his triceps with each hand. Keep you legs wide open with your feet on the ground and duck your head forward so he cant push you back. Now he can't move anywhere without taking you with him. When you are ready do the 2 on 1 arm drag with 1 foot on his hip.

If you're working open gaurd and he managed to grab both pant legs...your'e pretty much screwed. You need to prevent him from grabbing both legs. If you play open guard have one knee up and one knee down with one hand on his lapel digging your knuckles into his clavacle to keep him away till you can work your sweeps.


Two rules. Never let him grab both of your pants. Also, Saulo Ribiero said before and it ESPECIALLY applies to the butterfly guard, that "There is no position in Jiu-Jitsu where you are flat on your back."

You will never be able to sweep your opponent if your lying flat on your back.

Oh yeah, Bolo has a tape series that deals specificly with the Butterfly guard. All his tapes are good.