Guard passing help

Can anyone give me some help passing a type of guard. I'll have to describe it since I don't know if it has a name.

I'm in someone's guard. My opponent grabs my right gi at the sleeve opening and pulls it to his left hip. He uses his right arm to pull down on my lapel.

This is where I have trouble. He will then take his left leg and put it over my right arm coming from around the outside so that his leg is almost parralel to the ground. As he pushes away with his leg at my bicep/elbow area he continues to pull my wrist to his hip. It's pretty painful, but it reallly just keeps me from being able to pass.

It's hard for me to go in either direction, or to even get my hand/arm out. Has anyone seen this and can you give me a good counter? Thanks.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We were just working on some guard passing stuff like this in my class tonight. When he grabs your right gi sleeve and controls it, look for his thumb. Take your wrrist, wrap it over his thumb and circle your arm to the outside to get your own grip on his gi sleeve. Pull your elbow in to your body. He will be forced to let go or his thumb will be injured.

Next, his right hand is in your collar, probably a cross-grip? Take your left hand, place it on his chest, just next to his right armpit. Using your arm as a fulcrum, raise his arm that has a grip on your collar just an inch or so, then bob and weave your head under his arm. Control his hips and chest with your hands, sit up with good posture, and break his grip on your collar. Now you can begin to open his guard.

This is like handfighting and pummeling in wrestling. Mundane, but it makes all the difference when you're working with the gi!