Guida fights starting to look like GSP.

this is really a big problem.

you take 1 of the most exciting fighters in the sport. and somehow camp jackson turns him into the next George S.Piere. WTF.

Jackson is starting to become the mourinho ( coach of real madrid) of MMA. succesfull coach who is master of the art of boring.

Greg's JOB is to get his fighters to win...not to entertain you.

Perhaps WWE is more your sport.

No, GSP would have passed guard or thrown elbows a plenty.

GSP has used striking in both of his last title defenses to win the fight.

GSP also doesnt use shoulder strikes very often if at all.

Guida was fighting the same way long before going to Jacksons. Nice spin trying to blame it on Jacksons

He's won his last three fights by submission Phone Post

flail your hair around, so the judges think you're winning

Guida finished his last 3 fights before last night. Next

Has more submissions than decisions in his career.