Guida on TUF 5 Audition

New interview with Clay Guida on trying out for TUF 5, his next big fight and being an underdog, only at Insidefighting.


Guida is an excellent fighter...Been watching him come up for awhile now, he is the real deal..No doubt.

Great article as usual Elias...Inside Fighting has really turned it on in the last little while, keep up the good work over there.

man I really like Clay. He did it right, staying busy, fighting tough guys, and made it to the big show. But he is right, Din is an absolute beast in this sport, and its gonna be tough.

Ill get to watch it live:)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Guida is a heck of a fighter.

KBeezy, thanks for reading. That's a good show you will be at. There as a guest or have tickets?

Card, that show opens up opportunities, but I get the feeling Clay doesn't mind just fighting. He would have been very entertaining on that show though, imo.

"Sucks he didn't make it on the show. Oh thanks for the write-up =) "



He's in the UFC already.

ttt for Guida bros.

Clay you're the truth. Exciting to watch, and I wish you the best in your future with the UFC. Go Clay


Thanks for reading everyone.


Come on Clay!

Thanks for reading guidafan and UFCBarbarian!


Elias are you making it down to Florida????? If so I got your first beer.

another good article Elias.

See you in class on monday

Clay Guida is an awesome fighter ive had the pleasure of training with that animal

3t for a cool cat