Guillard: Florian choked, my turn in the spotlight

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                                Guillard: Florian choked, my turn in the spotlight

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One time TUF cast member Melvin Guillard has grown exponentially since joining up with Greg Jackson. If Guillard gets past his co-main event fight versus Evan Dunham at UFC Fight for the Troops on Jan. 22, he’s ready for his shot.

“I think it’s my time,” Guillard told MMAWeekly Radio. “I’m not really asking anymore, I’m telling them I want my shot.”

“Being moved to the main event, I feel like I’m in my rightful place. I’ve won six of my last seven fights in the UFC, and I just feel that I deserve a title shot. It was supposed to be Kenny Florian that’s up there, but this guy has had chance after chance. He’s had numerous chances to be in the No. 1 contender’s spot, and he choked. I just feel like there’s so many 55er’s in the weight class, give some of the other guys, give me and some of the other guys a chance to be in the spotlight."

“I wasn’t happy that Kenny got hurt, I like Kenny, he’s a cool guy and I’ve never had anything bad to say about him.”

“Everybody keeps seeing the same guys fight for titles, and at the end of the day we need to give the fans and you guys something different. There’s so much more talent out there, why keep having the same guys fight for the title? Unless it’s the middleweight class where they’re running out of guys to fight Anderson Silva, the 55 class shouldn’t be that way. There should be a new guy fighting for the title every fight."

“Even with BJ, you know BJ was the champion and he got an immediate rematch, I didn’t feel he deserved that immediate rematch. I felt he fell off the horse and he lost, and he should have accepted the loss."

“Look at the Gray Maynard fight. Gray should have won that fight had he put him away at the beginning of the first round ... Had that been me hitting Frankie Edgar, that fight would have been over.”

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Dunham by Triangle

 Melvin would be an easy fight for Florian

Melvin barely beat Stephens, he ain't that close to a title shot imo.

I think the fight with Nate Diaz showed us how ready he is. Dunham is not too far from that, and I think Guillard is going to lose by submission.

Meh, I think Jim Miller, George Soritopoulus, and Anthony Pettis deserve shots more Phone Post

Florian, BJ, and Maynard would all beat Melvin. just like Dunham will. just like Diaz and Clementi did.

when was the last time BJ or Ken Flo got choked the fuck out or had a razor close split decision win against a B-level fighter?

What has melvin done in his career to warrant even being considered for a title shot...let alone actually getting one.

dunham by guillotine. melvin will never leard guillotine defense.

What is it about Melvin don't you guys like? I think he has a poor ground game but is pretty dominate on the feet. I personal think he made some valid points. Everyone on here has said that Kenny chokes at the biggest moments but Melvin says it and its a problem? Yea I know Ironic :-) But how many times are you gonna bring up things he did wrong in the past such as drugs? Many of your favorite fighters have shady personal lives but yall seem to defend them (Chael)

 I think Dunham is going to give Guillard all sorts of problems, if it goes to the ground its going to be over fast. 

Yes, gassing out and diving into a choke shows how tough and ready Melvin is.

Guillard not even in the league of any of the guys being named.

Frankie, Gray, Kenflo, Dunham, Sherk, Guida, Pettis, Miller, George Sot, and Bj.

10 guys off the top of my head who should be above Guillard in LW rankings, throw Bendo in their also.

Melvin is a legend in his own mind. KenFlo would CRUSH him.

I started to like Melvin when he said that he chooses his style of fighting to entertain the fans even if it isn't the most effective. You've gotta respect him for that.

 Dunham wins this.

Derick - 
NorthFromHere - Melvin barely beat Stephens, he ain't that close to a title shot imo.

Wouldn't talk shit on Stephens as he has legit skill, but calling him out saying it is going to be exciting and then pulling that shit was weak.

Melvin should fight Clay Guida. Or Sotiroplous.

I'm not saying that Stephens isn't any good, but he's not a top 10 LW. I like the kid, but he is a bit one dimensional and he was a favorable match up for Melvin.

 I think he's right, someone new could fight for the title every time at lightweight, because there's so many top contenders, I just don't think he's one of those guys

He's all talent with limited skills in his arsenal. Not a top 10 155 pounder so what in God's name is he babbling about. Must have been up all night.

"I think he has a poor ground game but is pretty dominate on the feet"

Lol...Does he mean "dominant"?

He wouldn't speak badly about Florian but says he choked? What a distorted sense of values, unless he's just ignorant.