lol @ barstool prophet

Knew it was only a matter of time. I've thought this would be a good match up for a while. Guillet should definitely be able to give Horodecki a good fight.

i know both guys and they are 2 solid competitors.. this fight should prove pretty good. what does all the internet trashing of either guy accomplish?

let them do it up in the ring man to man.

Claude is no fun.

i can't wait for this fight to happen now lol.

however , chris is gonna find it hard to fight with all you guys swinging off his nuts

dont matter how they end up there, but the last time i saw horedecki fight in montreal he was close to caught in an ugly kimura but parizeau couldn't finish it, guillet would.

ill take a 50$ cash,single bill bet in a courtesy card at the show.

you sure dont f@ck around!!! LOL
how about a lap dance?

Nah, Chris trains to fight with a couple hundred pounds hanging off his balls twice a day. That way, if even one person falls off at some point, Chris will feel as light as a feather allowing him to run through his opponent.

Maybe we should wear velcro suits?

TTT for velcro suits

On a serious note, this kid is 18, fighting awesomely, and doing well. You have to give him props and he's also a great guy.

fuckin dougie taking my words now.. but ya that kid is awsomely good

...he can't dance though...

neither can u muhahahaha


I dont lie never

I know Horodecki is great and has experience beyond his years, but I don't think he's fought anyone like Sam Guillet yet. Sam is a scrapper, has great ground game and great composure in the ring. Gonna be a tough one!

Guillet by split decision.

I don't care what he says, he can't dance. Snappy dresser though. His boxer shorts are legendary!