Horodecki's first loss!

what event

it'll be in TKO

Maybe the first time he loses his foot putting it up someone's ass imo...

oh dougie with the sweet comeback

Dougie, I'll take you up on a t-shirt bet on this fight.

horodecki will not lose this fight
guillet is a good fighter but not that good yet

I see hes fighting june 3

Daniel Gracie vs. Wes Sims added to June 3 fight

May, 15 2006

June 3, 2006 Fight Card Information

Click here to buy tickets | Seating Chart | Fight Card | Commercial Spot | Radio Spot

Fight Date: June 3, 2006 Location: Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, NJ 8:00pm est

Weigh-in: June 2, 2006 Location: Trump Taj Mahal, Xanadu Theatre 6:00pm est

Tigersharks vs. Silverbacks - First Team League Championship

Maurice Smith ? Coach | Pat Miletich ? Coach

155 lbs.Steve Bruno vs. Bart Palaszewski

170 lbs. Brad Blackburn vs. Rory Markham

185 lbs. Dennis Hallman vs. Ryan McGivern

205 lbs. Reese Andy vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz

265 lbs. Devin Cole vs. Travis Wuiff

Super Fights

155 lbs. Erik Owings vs. Chris Horodecki

170 lbs. Jay Hieron vs. Jake Ellenberger

205 lbs. Alex Schoenauer vs. Jamal Patterson

Grudge Match - Superfight

265 lbs. Daniel Gracie vs. Wes Sims

horodecki is gonna get owned badly.

guillet will dismantle him

guillet by sub 0:45 round 1

so...he'll fight in IFL and then in TKO 27 days later...what's the problem

kids got heart

Go Chris!

I dunno, you Montreal guys have a tough time paying up on your t-shirt bets! LOL!

damn dougie's on fire tonight lol

Wouldn't Guillet have to take Horodecki down in order to sub him or is it gonna be one of those flying reverse oma plata powerbomb deals???

Either way, Chris by TKO.


...barstool prophet imo...

No, just a guy that realizes that Chris Horodecki has wrestled for years, wrestled a couple National tournaments, and can pretty much dicate where his matches go.

LMFAO  at Chtis losing!!!