Gun laws in South Carolina?

I'm moving to S.C. soon and was wondering if anyone knows what the gun laws there are. Thanks.

Since I'm feeling lazy, I'll just point out the page for SC: haven't checked the links, so be sure that the pages they take you to are current statutes.)Jason

also check

I am in South Carolina.

If you carry, you need to have your CCP.
(South Carolina Concealed Carry Permit)

If you travel, it has to be "locked away" and out of
sight/reach. Unless however, you cross over into
North Carolina. Then you must place the gun in plain view, for all to see. On the seat or on the dash or console.


Be wary of NC...... the laws are often very different between the states.

You had better believe it.

If you got one in the car/truck, and he can not walk
up and lay his eyes on are going to JAIL!

Thats not always the case. You just need to inform the officer as soon as he approaches that you have a weapon in the vehicle, regardless of wheter or not it is in plain view or not.

As a certified police officer for the state of South Carolina working in Columbia, I can give you 100% accurate imformation on your question. First, It does not have to be "locked away" as smokinguns stated.

The pistol must be in a "closed compartment". This meaning a console, glove compartment, or trunk. The gun can be loaded, off safety, or with the hammer back if you so desire. I don't recommend this but that is the fact. The law only stipulates it must be in a closed compartment.

you can read this in SC code of laws 16-23-20 paragraph(9)

Hope this helps.

How gun-friendly is N.C.? I've heard different stories of either very relaxed or the other extreme (no hunting on SUNDAYS?!?)

NC is pretty "gun friendly". There are open carry, CCW, and other favorable laws in place with in the state. As for the no hunting on Sunday thing; I've never heard of that before.