Gustaffson: I will take a fight in the interim

Good for him, didn't want ti hear another top contender wants to wait out


Source: Post presser

Agreed, the question is who?

Davis rematch?

Very smart move. He needs 2-3 more fights before facing Jones.

if Hendo isnt ready let's get Machida vs Gustaffson.

It's tough for the ufc, they don't want to burn another contender if he was to lose. Putting him against rashad is a high risk move Phone Post

becoming a bigger fan all the time.

He knows what Dana wants to hear.

IMO he needs another fight before Jon. Not sharp enough yet. He can do far more damage with that range.


if Hendo isnt ready let's get Machida vs Gustaffson.

I like this Phone Post

Ala Chuck style. Yeah, i got the number 1 contender spot locked in. But thats gonna take too long. Who you got?

Wu Massacre - if he wants to beat jones the best bet is probably to start injecting steroids directly into his neck

I see why you have -39 vote downs Phone Post

I love it when guy decide to "stay busy."

well in the post fight conference he first says he doesnt want to wait and that he wants to fight... then someone asks him about taking the machida fight since hendo may not be ready and all of sudden Gustaffson starts saying he needs to discuss it with his team. 

thats badass