Gut Wrenches: how to keep tight?

When I perform the gut wrench in either freestyle or greco, I always seem to commit the error of not keeping my opponents back tight enough to my chest and as a result they either get a reversal or I sense that the reversal is coming on and am forced to abandon the turn. Does anyone have any suggestions for as to what I can do to learn how to stay tight to my opponent during hte gut wrench? Any things in to keep in mind? Any drills that can be performed?

In addition to that, does anyone have any other tips and tricks that they could furnish me with regarding the gut wrench?

Use a butter fly grip, try to pinch ur elbows together and suck him ur chin into his foward, get underneathe and bridge as hard as you can =)

As MFranco noted, the butter fly grip, and driving him forward before you execute the gut, are essential in making it a tight gut wrench. If you drive him forward hard enough, before you hit the move, you will gut him very easily, because the stress that this will put on his sholders will force him to give way.

I agree, and I also like to lock up high sometimes and not even keep my hands locked, and just go under the arms. For some reason, that has worked for me.

what is the 'butterfly grip'? is this what some call a 'gable grip'?

A butterfly grip is where your palms face each other and each grabs just behind the wrist of the other hand, if you can envision that. Then like the other guys said, pinch your elbows and drive, drive, drive straight forward. The arms are kind of just to hold him there. You make it real tight and break his hips down (or up as it were) by driving with your legs.