Guy drops 2 opponents with 2 punches embed somebody please


In for link.

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jesus yea that guy might trane - almost took out a third before he fucked his hand up! #25 would have his hands full haha

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Clearly self-defense and the guy can defend himself very well.

damn. Cat got TnT in his hands.

looks like a movie/tv show  was being filmed to me

I'm impressed by the speed and power eventhough he is wearing a jacket

Nice!!! The gay Russian music kinda killed it tho. Phone Post 3.0

The low kick guy though he was going to use his ufc traneing to settle the score.

Every coach I have ever had has said never start out throwing a low kick.

I like the cigarette from the second guy flying full speed into the wall.

Damn, that was impressive. Seen so many street fight videos that I usually know what to expect and am rarely impressed.. But this one was great

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Damn, that guy was smooth as butter. Quick 1-2. Also, lol @ all the cigarettes being lit up in that alley. Do they not have a surgeon-general there?

Man, that first guy went stiff as a fuckin' board. Nelmarked.


One could say he has devastating power. Phone Post 3.0

Any info on what the argument was about and if the people involved were of any significant relation?

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