Guys that Aren't MMA Fighters But U Wish They Were

I'll go first:

Artur Kyshenko, if he had an aptitude for the ground game he's young enough to go places eventually

Me!!!!! Don't act like one but wish I was.

Tie between John Cena and the Undertaker

David Terrell


 Undertaker would sub Roger Gracie in under a minute.

 he would beat fedors ass at wrestlemania!

Maybe Michael Clark Duncan could do some damage against the heavies?

 all tough talking rappers, love to see em killed in mma

 Artur Taymazov!!!! Imagine Karelin as a freestyle wrestler 20 pounds lighter and moving like a lightweight!!!

2 Olympic Golds, 1 Silver... at least 2 golds at world championships and one bronze.

His brother Timur is a world and Olympic champion weightlifter. Some fucked up genetics in that family!


Bruce Lee

Wesley Snipes so we could see a Rogan vs Snipes match

Dwight Howard. Freakish size, athleticism and strength.

Kostakio - I'll go first:

 Anyone else notice that in this pic Zambdis resembles SteveO of Jackass fame?


Pacquiao & PBF.

They can fight for a boxing title, then 8 months later do a UFC super fight with five 5minute rounds.




He just got smashed by JWP, with no elbows, or clinch. He would die in MMA.