Gymnastics Naturale?

Does anyone know of a good "video" source for gymnastics naturale? Please excuse the spelling...

Thank You
Mark Stewart

Ginastica Natural. I think has it.

I have those tapes. Nice stuff. Will your BJJ a lot.

I believe it's available at as well.

I have one tape but I don't really have the room to practice it so it's just sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

Thanks Guyz,

I checked out both sites and could not find anything... Any other suggestions... I prefer DVD...


Here is a link to his website product list.

Perhaps you can contact the academy and get some info on ordering.

I have two of the tapes and even though they are in Portuguese they are excellent.


Great info.

But that dude freaks me out a little. I feel uncomfortable browsing that site.


The Ginastica is pretty cool stuff. It can really help your BJJ game a lot. I need to start doing it again.


The Ginastica Natural is pretty good. They guy gets into a lot of weird yoga like exercises though. I use it as more of a "concept" approach rather than following the exercises like a strict routine. It's worth a few bucks to check it out though. It'll definitely help your fludity on the mats.

I use this as a warm up, I met the inventor @ the Arnolds.

You should be able to get both of them at jiujitsuprogear. One is in English and the other is in Portuguese.