Habib: 3 weeks before fight I'm in best shape ever

3 weeks before fight, I think this is my best shape ever, will see 7 April. 3 ?????? ?? ???, ??-????? ? ??????? ? ????? ??? ? ?????? ?????????? ????? ? ???? ???????. #ufc223

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I'll definitely be pulling for him. What a great matchup this is, can't wait!

Haven't been this excited about a MMA fight since Jones-DC. Khabib smesh

Really looking forward to this fight. 

Let’s hope he makes weight 

Just hope both guys make it to the fight. 

I thought every fighter was in their best shape ever for every fight? I'm sure he will still be saying that if he loses. :)

Russians with arm veins - no can defense!


Now, if he can avoid tiramisu, bad nutritionist, and any other excuse,

and make it to the cage,

only to get sliced and diced by some razor sharp elbows before being outworked and giving up his neck to Tony in the 5th round...

I'll be happy :)

Good fight between two of the best ever and I'm READY!!!