Had a fucked up dream MMA

For some reason Jorge Masvidal and Rogan were in my dream. I met Masvidal and he told me some inspirational shit but after that, thats where shot got weird. I dunno what was going on, if i was at a movie or concert or something but there's me and Joe Rogan chillin and bullshitting and before he takes off he handed me some pills and told me to have them. So i took one and put the rest in my pocket and I was beyond fucked up and the rest of my dream was just me tripping out with my friends.

Shits whack lol fucking dreams

Op dreams about men. Gay.

The UG is officially dead. 

Technical Primates -

The UG is officially dead. 

It is, I've been thinking about deleting it. Maybe if the app didnt cost you to download and additional costs just to post there would actually be traffic. This is garbage