hahahahahaha (Painful Video)

im friends with the blonde.

xana star from Phx Arizona.

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is that a fetish or just a gag?

someone posted an asian one one time.....

guy fell down in pain and one of the girls jump stomped his junk A LA vanderlei Silva. FULL FLAT FOOT STOMP on his junk..... then the kept kicking his junk gang style once he was down. was not laid back like the video above and I think the guy liked it....

fetish video of some sort.

a nut got grazed yesterday and I felt like I wasn't right for 45 minutes. how do some people deal with this?

My ex wife used to do those kind of vids. She said most of those guys could take a pretty good shot, she used to REALLY lay it on em, just because she liked to hear them whimper.

That's not as weird to me as the "Girl's car stuck in the mud, stomping on the gaspedal" vids. That just confuses me.

What are you talking about Charles? Girl stuck in the mud?

No, there's all these fetish vids where a girl's car is stuck in the mud, and the camera focuses in on her stomping the accelerator, revving the engine and spinning the wheels. Wierder than balloon popping fetishists.

Do a google search for car stuck girls and you'll see.