Hairy Men

Is there enjoyment when grappling a hairy man? Or do you prefer they be hairless? Can you grab a piece of chest or armpit hair or can it be used to smother? How about grappling people with dreads and the hair hasnt been washed in about 5 years? Who has the advantage there? How about if you dont bathe for 15 days before your match who has the advantage there? You can sink in the rear naked stank out. Why dont midgets grapple? How about a midget tourney? Your thoughts......


staple your nutsack to your eyelids, please.

Ok Empire I will have to undo your mom's coochie lip first.

i think there should be a midget tourney, they are people too.

I'd enter a midget tourney. I think passing their guards would be easy.

my mother is deceased. u r gross.

"Is there enjoyment when grappling a hairy man? "

so u prefere your men smooth.......

and u wonder why people say grappling is gay?

Empire if your mom is really deceased then I apologize but I was just kidding anyway.....but I do wonder about the midget grappling thing.....

empire killed his mom when she told him she wouldnt date him.

enjoy folks.